Spa Insider: 1010 Salon & Spa, Pampanga

Spacious and sunny, 1010 Salon & Spa boasts opulent interiors. It is one of its kind in Pampanga, having a spa and salon in one hub. I first saw 1010 Salon & Spa when our team accompanied Isabel Roces to introduce her to the owner, and for her to try a Pevonia Botanica treatment as well. When I got invited to try the Pevonia Skin Rescue Facial & Massage, how could I say no? 1010 Salon & Spa is luxurious, and Pampanga’s most discerning ladies and gentlemen frequent the salon.

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1010 Salon & Spa’s spacious lobby

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Look at those chic, modern lanterns!

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Spa’s sitting area

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They dedicated one wall panel exclusively for Pevonia product display.

This couple’s room can easily be converted into a single room.

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Look how cozy this room is! On the left is a slim bamboo pail and a wooden basin for the Signature Foot Ritual.  When I came in, the Pevonia products to be used on me were already neatly organized on that caddy at the right. I honestly think the owner/training manager of 1010 Salon & Spa is OC. I’ve never seen a product stand as organized as this – complete with labels, and arranged according to when each cleanser and cream would be used during the treatment.

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Cham, my therapist, welcomed me with 1010 Salon & Spa’s Signature Foot Ritual. She poured warm water on the basin, and as I dipped my feet in it, she added salt and Calachuci petals. Her touch was a great starter. My tired feet were like signaling white flag (surrender) to my brain.

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Goodness gracious, 1010′s full foot treatment must be heavenly!

I was asked to take off my clothes. The room was dimly lit so I thought that would be okay. I had no awkward moment at all! Cham had this talent of gracefully removing and covering me with linen, without her seeing my private parts. You’ll understand that once you get to try 1010. She prepared the massage table and placed a fluffy pillow underneath my legs. It was so relaxing that I wanted to fall asleep right away. I saw Cham put on a wide cloth headband (I told you the owner/training manager must be OC)!

This dim light was the last that I saw before I was transported to a different world. My eyes were covered the whole time.

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Cham performed the facial first and I admit, I fell asleep again. Her touch was so light that I immediately escaped the world. When I woke up, I felt that my face was really cleansed. Anyone would instantly notice the difference in the facial skin’s texture before and after. Right after the facial, Cham went straight to the body massage.

I’m so excited to tell you about Pevonia Skin Rescue because it’s really one of a kind. It’s unpredictable. It’s not your usual body massage. I firmly instructed myself to stay up. My colleague who has tried it before already warned me that it’s so good, I wouldn’t want to sleep so that I feel every minute, every second of this heavenly treatment. I did just that, and yes, I experienced perfect bliss!

The Pevonia Skin Rescue Massage is a series of slow kneading. The pressure was heavy but not painful. I was massaged from head to toe, with special emphasis on the shoulders. The routine is unlike other spas where you get massaged starting at the back, arms, legs, feet, legs again, arms, chest, head. It’s completely a different ritual and you’ll only understand once you get to try it.

I would like to describe the experience as “yoga-like.” The therapist moved gracefully slow, to the tune of the mellow music on the background. I mentioned that my eyes were covered the whole time but there was never a moment that I felt alone. I realized that Cham always had one hand touching me, even when she’s shifting from one side to another, even when she’s getting more micro-emulsified oil to use. I felt connected, even if when I was supposedly disconnected from the rest of the world. She was so graceful that I didn’t even hear her getting a warm towel to cover my face. It’s a skill that can only be honed through years of experience and training.

The day after the treatment, my body didn’t feel sore at all! I felt like my therapist was able to touch the pain points. 1010 Salon & Spa’s Skin Rescue Facial and Massage is, by far, the most detailed treatment I ever had.

1010 Salon & Spa’s intricate pieces…

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201208131322165341 Spa Insider: 1010 Salon & Spa, Pampanga
201208131322105531 Spa Insider: 1010 Salon & Spa, Pampanga

Pevonia products are available at 1010 Salon & Spa. The friendly staff are willing to give you a quick assessment and product recommendation for your specific skin type. See product list here.

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To book for a Pevonia treatment at 1010 Salon & Spa:

1010 Salon & Spa

F. Lazatin Blvd, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga 2000
Open from 11 AM to 12 AM daily
Call to book: (045) 455 1010

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